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The Chain Bridge serves as a key link in the Chain Network testnet, facilitating the seamless transfer of ETH and designated ERC-20 tokens between the Ethereum Sepolia network and the Chain Network testnet. This bridge is an essential tool for users and developers working within these ecosystems, providing a straightforward and efficient method to move assets back and forth between Sepolia and the Chain Network's test environment. It's an ideal setup for testing and development, ensuring a smooth transition and compatibility of assets across these interconnected blockchain platforms.

Chain Bridge on Sepolia

1 Access the Bridge Visit the Chain Native Bridge on the Chain Network testnet.

2 Connect Your Wallet Click 'Connect wallet' and follow the prompts to establish a secure connection.

3 Bridge Assets Select the amount of ETH or ERC-20 asset for bridging. Ensure compatibility of the asset. Proceed with deposit or withdrawal as needed.

Note: This guide is applicable only for the testnet environment, intended solely for testing purposes. Use testnet versions of ETH or ERC-20 tokens.