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Mainnet (Under Development)

The Mainnet of our platform is currently in the development phase. This pivotal phase involves rigorous testing, optimization, and security audits to ensure that our Mainnet launch meets the high standards required for operational excellence and user safety.


Our Mainnet will serve as the backbone of our network, supporting real transactions and interactions within our ecosystem. It's designed to be robust, scalable, and secure, facilitating seamless user experiences across various applications.

Development Status

  • Testing: Ongoing. Includes both internal and external testing phases to identify and resolve potential issues.
  • Optimization: In progress. We're continuously enhancing system performance and efficiency.
  • Security Audits: Scheduled. Comprehensive audits by third-party security firms will ensure the integrity and safety of our Mainnet.


Upon launch, our Mainnet will offer:

  • High Throughput: Optimized for high transaction volumes with low latency.
  • Security: Advanced security features and protocols to protect network integrity.
  • Scalability: Designed to grow and adapt to increasing user and transaction demands.
  • Interoperability: Easy integration with existing and future blockchain ecosystems.


We welcome community involvement in the testing Sepolia phases. Interested participants can join our beta testing program or contribute through feedback and suggestions.

Stay Updated

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We appreciate your interest and support as we work diligently to launch a Mainnet that reflects our commitment to innovation, security, and community engagement.